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Medicare is Confusing.  Let Us Help You.

Medicare is confusing enough without all the junk mail and phone calls.  Let us help you weave through the noise to and find the options that best suit you and YOUR specific situation.  We do not push one plan or company.  Instead we match your needs with available plans. 

Unbiased Help

Because the folks that work with Boomer Select Agency are Insurance brokers, we do not represent any one specific carrier.  We shop all the carriers and their plans on your behalf to help you make your best Medicare decisions.  And the best part is that our help and experience is FREE to you.  We are paid by the carriers.  And by federal law, all Medicare Carries must pay brokers the same commission, so we do not have any incentive to choose one carrier over the other.  Our only goal is to help you make your best Medicare decision.  

Medicare Supplements

If a Medicare Supplement is right for you, we will provide you with quotes from multiple carriers so you can compare premiums.  By federal law, ALL Medicare Supplement plans with the same letter must provide the EXACT same coverage.  Also, all healthcare providers that accept Medicare assignments MUST accept ALL Medicare Supplements.  This means comparing premiums is all you should care about.  

Medicare Advantage Plans

If a Medicare Advantage Plan is right for you, we will show you ALL the MA plans that service your county.  Because everyone's needs are different, we will help you select a plan based on the doctors you want to see and the prescription drugs you currently take.   The plan that is right for your best friend might not be the right plan for you.  Let us help you choose a plan based on YOUR needs.  

Saving You Money

Regardless of whether you take the Medicare Supplement path or the Medicare Advantage path, there are always things that a plan will not cover.  We will make sure you know the pitfalls of your plan along with possible solutions to these gaps in coverage.  We also do a complete benefits evaluation with you to make sure you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to.  

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