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  • Never speak to a salesperson!!

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    Get Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Quotes without having Salespeople call you.  

No Bugging You!  Just Help When You Want It.  

Medicare is confusing enough without all the junk mail and sales calls.  

  • You want to research Medicare, get price quotes, and compare your options without dealing with a pushy salesperson.  
  • You want to ask questions without having to answer a lot of questions.   
  • You hate having to call a toll free number and talking to a call center.  

Boomer Select Solves All These Problems!

Here at Boomer Select  we are committed to giving you the quotes and resources you need to make your own informed decisions.  We never make telemarketing calls!  (But we will call you back if you ask us to.)  We provide you with the tools you need to make your best Medicare decisions.  

You Get A FREE Agent.

Sign up for your Medicare plans through us and get the cell phone number of your personal agent.  No need to every call the plan call center again.  You do not save any money signing up direct with the carrier.  But you don't get an agent to help you in the future if you sign up directly on their websites.  You are stuck calling their toll free numbers and speaking with someone at their call centers. 

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getting started

The first step is choosing your Medicare path

Choosing between Path One(Original Medicare + Medicare Supplement +PDP Part D Plan) and  Path Two(Medicare Advantage + Hospital Indemnity Plan) is your first Medicare decision.  You can not do both and must choose between these two paths.  If you do not fully understand the difference or have not decided which path is best for you, click the learn more button below.

What Do You Want To Do Next?

Medicare Advantage 

Our plan finder gives you the ability to compare Medicare Advantage Plans available in your county.  You can enter your prescription medications to get an estimate of your cost share under each plan.   Once you chose a plan, simply enroll right there on the site. 

Medicare Supplement

All Medicare Supplement plans under the same letter code must provide the same coverage per federal law.  Also all healthcare providers that accept Medicare must accept all Medicare Supplements.  If you want a Medicare Supplement, the premium should be the only thing you are comparing.  To get more information about Medicare Supplement or to get a quote without having to give your telephone number, click below.  

Transfer to Boomer Select Agency

If you have already signed up for a plan but would like to have a Boomer Select agent so that you have someone directly that can help you with Medicare and/or plan issues, click the button below and fill out the form.  We will email you instructions on how to transfer to us.  

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