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Medicare is Confusing.  Let Us Help You.

Medicare is confusing enough without all the junk mail and phone calls.  Let us help you weave through the noise and find the options that best suit you and YOUR specific situation.  We do not push one plan or company.  Instead we match your needs with available plans. 

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Because the folks that work with Boomer Select Agency are Insurance brokers, we do not represent any one specific carrier.  We shop all the carriers and their plans on your behalf to help you make your best Medicare decisions.  And the best part is that our help and experience is FREE to you.  We are paid by the carriers.  And by federal law, all Medicare Carries must pay brokers the same commission, so we do not have any incentive to choose one carrier over the other.  Our only goal is to help you make your best Medicare decision.  


If you are new to Medicare, start here.  In this section, you will find basic information about Medicare including what the different Parts are, what happens if you have Tricare, COBRA, or if you continue to work



Regardless of your situation, you will have to make at least one Medicare decision.  You will have to decide whether to stay on original Medicare and add a Part D drug plan along with possibly a Medicare Supplement, or whether you will "trade in" your Original Medicare for an all inclusive Medicare Advantage Plan (and a network)



Once you have decided the best Medicare Path for you (original Medicare w/ Supplement or Medicare Advantage), come to this section to compare the plans available in your county.  You will be able to look at information without filling out any forms until you are ready.  


Medicare Advantage Plans

Part A, Part B, and Part D in a low to no premium plan that is rich in additional benefits.  Some plans include dental, vision, and hearing.

Part D Prescription Plans

Part D plans are approved by Medicare but provided through private insurance carriers.  You must select a plan to have coverage.  

Medicare Supplement Plans

Plans from private insurance companies that fill int the gaps in original Medicare. This includes deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance.

Cancer, Hearing, Dental, Vision Plans

One third of all females and one half of all males over 65 will develop some type of cancer.  We also have great hearing, dental, and vision 

Final Expense Insurance

Plans from $5,000 to $35,000.  We have great rates on final expense insurance.  Don't leave your loved ones covering your final expenses. 

Hospital Indemnity Plans

Most all Medicare Advantage plans have a daily co-payment for hospitalization.  Add a Hospital indemnity plan to cover your daily co-payment. 

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