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Silver Sneakers College Savers Program

08.04.19 05:00 PM Comment(s)

Silver Sneakers College Savers Program Offers Several Advantages To Baby Boomers

The SilverSneakers program is a program designed to encourage baby boomers to participate in physical exercise to help keep them fit and healthy. Most Medicare Advantage Plans offer this program free to baby boomers who visit gyms participating in the program. In addition to providing baby boomers with various ways to exercise the program also encourages socialization and provides other health programs as well.

Now the Silver Sneaker program also offers baby boomers a way to help fund their grandchildren or other young extended family members get a college education. All baby boomers have to do is be a participant in the SilverSneakers program and then sign up for the Silver Sneaker College Savers program and choose the child or children they want to benefit from the college points they earn.

When choosing more than one child, the baby boomer needs to state how much each child is to get in reward points for their education. Each point is worth a $1.00 of tuition and baby boomers can earn 1000 points just for signing up the Silver Sneaker College Program and an additional 250 points for every month they take part in the Silver Senior exercise program at a participating gym . Children who are eligible to receive the money from this program is any child who is an extended family member or godchild of the baby boomer and whose age is between birth and August 31 of their Junior year of high school.

Once the child becomes college age they simply need to choose a college that is participating in this program. The money earned for the program helps to fund their college education reducing their dependence on loans and other financial help. The participating college actually gives the earned discount to the student reducing their educational costs by the amount earned.

Baby boomers Reap The Following Benefits From The Silver Sneaker College Program

Baby boomers who take part in this program receive the following benefits from their participation.

·    They get the exercise they need to help them remain healthy and active. Exercise for baby boomers have a number of benefits for their heart, lungs and overall physical and mental health.

·    The social aspect of this program allows baby boomers to continue learning, help to keep them mentally alert and help to ward off depression caused by loneliness as we age.

·    The program allows baby boomers to take a more proactive approach to their health, which helps them feel more in control of their lives.

·    Baby boomers on a limited budget now have the ability to contributed financially to their loved ones education without giving up money needed for their own living expenses and health care.

·    Baby boomers also have the peace of mind knowing that they have helped another generation get the education they need to build a better future.

What could be more rewarding for baby boomers then taking care of their health while helping to provide for the educational future of someone they love?